Bank Accounts Owned by Bird Traders Blocked by Police -->

Bank Accounts Owned by Bird Traders Blocked by Police

Jumat, 27 Januari 2023, Jumat, Januari 27, 2023
JAKARTA - Surprisedly, a bird seller in Pamekasan, Madura, was unable to withdraw his money. After confirmation by him with the bank, the man admitted that his account had been blocked because there was an order from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

The man, known as lham Wahyudi, was also confused, wondering why his bank account had been blocked by the KPK, even though as far as he could remember, there was only Rp. 2 million in cash from the sale of birds. Ilham admits that he has never done anything against the law, let alone received large sums of money

Regarding this incident, the KPK asked Ilham to immediately write a letter proposing to unblock the account to the KPK. The KPK's suspicion of Ilham Wahyudi's account led the KPK to take action to block Ilham's account number.

KPK deputy chairman Johanis Tanak explained that lham
Wahyudi includes a series of evidence that
indicates currently not engaged in
the handling of cases handled by the KPK.

Meanwhile, KPK spokesman Ali Fikri emphasized that the blockade occurred after the bird trader's name and date of birth were the same as one of the suspects in the East Java Provincial Government grant fund corruption case.
"The KPK is taking action according to procedures, the differentiating data is in the address," explained Fikri.(san)

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